Solid X4 Agri

Solid X4 Agri Drone

The Solid X4 Argi Drone is specifically developed for agriculture. The drone contains 5 years of drone experience and over 100 years of farming experience. This is because we sat down with agricultural experts and farmers. From these conversations we extracted what they really need.

What emerged from our discussion was this – it needs to be able to withstand a few knocks, should have high landing gear so the sensor doesn’t touch the ground, the crops or the grass, have as few cables or other protruding equipment and be able to survive a splash of water. We translated these aspects into the Soliddrone X4.

The Agricultural drone

Agri Handle

The Solid X4 has a special agricultural handle with built-in sensors, which increase the accuracy of the images generated by the drone. This ensures good and accurate data processing. Drone manufacturers often attach these kinds of sensors to a drone separately. This makes it very fragile and is easier to break. That is why we have chosen to enclose the sensors in the design.

Complete Product

Solid x4 Agri is the first complete agricultural drone product in the world. This is because we have integrated everything into the design.

Easy to take with you

Because the arms are collapsible, in combination with the large handle, the drone is easy to carry to any job.

Flight time

The solid drone flies at least 37 minutes and you can get an upgraded battery that lasts for 50 minutes of flight time.


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