Parrot Sequoia

Parrot Sequoia

The Parrot Sequoia is a camera with 4 films.

This is the most popular camera on the market, since it is from the popular brand Parrot.

Outdated camera

In the agriculture sector, it’s appealing to buy a Parrot Sequoia for a good price, but is the Parrot Sequoia that good? The French company obviously says so, but it is disappointing in our own experience. The camera is already a few years old and is yet to be updated.


We have tested various agricultural cameras and seen differences between the Micasense Rededge, Laquinta and the Parrot Sequoia. The Micasense Rededge stands out as the frontrunner, but this is also reflected in the price.


That is why our Dutch partner started with the development of the LaQuinta. This camera has enough advantages over the Sequoia, that we no longer offer the Parrot Sequoia in our range. We sell a cheaper and better alternative as an introductory model, namely the LaQuinta which uses newer techniques, and as a professional alternative the even better and more expensive RedEgde M.

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