DB2 vision LaQuinta

Sensor 1

DB2 Vision’s LaQuinta is a brand-new sensor, which promises to become a key player in the international AG Tech scene. LaQuinta -just like the Solid X4 is developed and built in the Netherlands- is by far the World’s lowest cost, yet fully featured professional 4-band multispectral camera currently available! And this without skimping out on any functionality whatsoever. Equipped with innovative vision technology and an impressive collection of hybrid sensory hardware such as GPS, IMU and the ‘Adapt-2-Light’ irradiance sensor it carries all the tech needed to identify your crop-stress at the earliest possible stage!

CustomDrone and DB2 Vision have known each other from the very beginning of the development of both the LaQuinta camera as well as our own Solid-drone. Hence we are perfectly attuned to each other resulting in us being able to provide you a perfectly integrated combination of Dutch technology.


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